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With The Grains

May 2012

I once went to high tea at a tea plantation in Kenya.  A gentle fog hung over the vivid, green, rolling hills and rows of tea-producing bushes.  Failing to factor in colonization, I was surprised when a very proper British woman greeted me.  However, I was even more surprised when her husband offered a warning before we departed, “take heed of the monkeys throwing avocados from the trees in the yard.”  What a thing to say! I stored that warning in the part of my head devoted to life dreams and aspirations.  I would very much love to offer that parting warning to my house guests one day, implying my home will be some place magical just like that Kenyan tea plantation. In the meantime, I can fiddle with different avocado eating methods in preparation for the abundant supply I might one day have.

For this “recipe,” think…

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The Password is Swordfish

To Rome With Love:

Woody Allen’s final film in his series of European stories leaves us with an abundance of stories and ideas about the fleeting nature of life, but the construction of the film does him no favors. The choppiness of the scenes and the uneven way the segments flow together leave one wondering if he wanted these stories to be viewed as connected. Even he seems to dismiss the idea of these stories being connected in any way by starting the film with the lazy plot device of a narrator saying “I see lots of people in Rome. Here are some of them.” Two of the storylines– one following an average man who finds fame for literally no reason, another following an opera producer discovering a new talent– feel particularly autobiographical. During these chunks, the movie sparks to life. Another plotline starring Ellen Page as a sexual temptress…

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Did you know that a bonsai is considered a work of art

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Creating a bonsai is a reasonably uncomplicated technique, in the event you stick to the necessary actions for growing and defining the selected tree. Additionally it is important to pick a tree for the climatic factors within your community – a few bonsai are able to prosper in a few regions while some might not make it through. After deciding on the specified bonsai material, the next step is to organize the appropriate size pot. A pot that is too small, or even a pot that’s too large can hinder the development with the bonsai.

Photo credit: Antonio Tajuelo via Flickr CC.

In addition the plant pot must have a hole or orifice at the bottom allowing water to drain easily. The quantity and form of soil can also be an essential thing to consider, normally a mixture of organic and natural and inorganic compounds. To allow for suitable location in its container, you could have to cut some of its roots. By reducing the mass of roots in the game, pruning gives space for young strong roots to grow and take up water and minerals.

Don’t forget, it is the trimming with the roots when limiting the tree to a small container that will keep the tree miniaturized. Subsequent to preparing the tree in its container, pruning the leaves, clipping new shoots and growing the branches into an good to look at structure follows. You will find six classic bonsai styles and a growing set of non-traditional variations as bonsai art consists of brand new cultures and fresh varieties of trees. Esthetics, however just isn’t a conclusion alone, but is related for the physiology and health of the bonsai.

R.I.P. bonsai
Photo credit: to01 via Flickr CC.

The concern involved with making and forming a bonsai is considered a type of relaxation in and of itself. As time passes, bonsai begun to take on different variations, each which varied immensely in one the other. These days, robust in addition to exotic indoor bonsai are cultured in traditional styles, including windswept, slanted trunk, rock clinging, and forest.