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Ugg boots are over – the fashion world rejoices

Posted in fashion with tags , , on November 25, 2012 by SpenceG

It may be an object of derision throughout the fashion industry, but the Ugg boot – a bit like the bootcut jean, or the square-toed office-boy shoes – has refused to die. Over the past 10 years, sales continued to rise, and their squat, solid, shearling-lined shapes became the footwear of young Britons nationwide.

Until now. The newest sales figures from Deckers, the Ugg parent group, are down 31%. While this has been put down to mild weather, and prices of the boots rising, it’s a minor victory for fashion. While not defeated – prices will be reduced in a bid to boost sales – its footwear nemesis is showing signs of weakness.

In truth, these signs have been there for a while. Uggs are undeniably comfortable – they’re more often worn as slippers in their native Australia – but the ubiquity of them, and their many imitations, has led to overkill. Bad press has been growing. In a survey in 2010, they were voted one of the 10 items men don’t like on women and a judge recently ruled they can be dangerous to wear while driving.

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Maintaining Fitness throughout the Championship Season

Posted in sports with tags , on November 19, 2012 by SpenceG

The championship season in high school cross country can be a long and drawn out affair in the United States. The time period between state sectional meets and the Footlocker Championship race can last up to eight weeks for some runners. Maintaining both aerobic and anaerobic fitness is critical to racing success, yet energy systems need to be cycled in a different pattern to stay at their highest efficiency. There are also numerous psychological considerations to be aware of in keeping athletes fresh during this extended period of time. Some of these areas of physiological and psychological concern are individual in nature, and must be addressed that way, however broad guidelines can be used to provide a chassis for maintaining and even improving fitness during the championship racing period of time.

In training theory the Competitive Period can be broken into two parts, the tapering mesocycle, and the maintenance mesocycle. It takes about two to three weeks to taper properly, so the average cross country runner will only encounter this mesocycle before their biggest competitions. However, for the runners moving on to Nike Regionals and Nationals or Footlocker Regionals and Nationals, an additional three to five week mesocycle is employed to maintain fitness.

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‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’ Week 6 Performance Recap: Dance Goes Country

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It’s Country Week, y’all! Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars week 6 is also pretty much the only normal week (more or less) we’re going to have in a long stretch of episodes. Considering that this week’s eliminations will take two weeks of scores into account, that’s saying a lot.

It’s going to be rather complicated to make predictions this week, actually. What with the multiple scores — pairs could have as many as four separate scores by Tuesday night’s Results Show — who knows what could happen?

We do at least know how the various couples did last week. Here’s a quick reminder if you — like me — need it.

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