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Nissan Leaf Nismo RC First Drive – Motor Trend

Posted in cars with tags , , on September 7, 2012 by SpenceG

nissan leaf nismo rc
The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC might be powered by the same 107-hp electric motor that propels the consumer-oriented Leaf, but that’s where the similarities end. With its purpose-built carbon-fiber body, monocoque chassis, race-tuned suspension setup, servo-less brakes, and powerless steering, the Nismo RC is a race-ready EV on steroids.

Nismo has created about a dozen Leaf RCs. Equipped with a huge Super GT-style wing and sitting ultra-close to the ground, it certainly looks the part, but does it drive the part as well? To see if the hype is real, we jumped behind the wheel of the experimental race car at Nissan’s Oppama Grandrive proving ground, about one hour south of Tokyo.

The spec sheet tells the initial story. The RC is nearly 7 inches wider than the standard Leaf, but 13 inches lower, and, at a featherweight 2050 pounds, some 1300 pounds lighter. Though its powertrain retains the stock car’s output of 107 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque, the lower curb weight considerably improves the RC’s power-to-weight ratio. All of the critical hardware — electric motor, inverter, single-speed reduction gearbox, and sizeable 192 lithium-ion battery pack — is located just behind the cockpit, giving the car an ideal 50:50 front-rear weight distribution. The rearward shift also allowed Nismo to reroute the power from the front wheels to the rear.

via Nissan Leaf Nismo RC First Drive – Motor Trend.  Also, check out diecast plymouth road runner superbird.


McLaren MP4-12C Can-Am revealed – BBC Top Gear

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For those of a certain vintage, there was an era of motorsport in the 1960s and 1970s that was, frankly, bonkers. Utterly, completely, whole-heartedly and magnificently bonkers. In fact, Bonkers with a capital ‘B’.

It was called the ‘Canadian American Challenge Cup’, shortened to Can-Am, and this wild McLaren MP4-12C racer you’re not-so-secretly coveting above has been built in honour of that fantastic championship, set for a Pebble Beach debut later this week.

Why so fantastic? It was practically an unrestricted, no-holds barred motorsport series that pretty much allowed anything, so long as it passed a safety inspection. And the McLarens of its era were supremely dominant.

via McLaren MP4-12C Can-Am revealed – BBC Top Gear.

SRT Unveils 2013 Viper GTS Launch Edition | Sx-Z

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Making a special appearance at Pebble Beach this weekend will be the 2013 SRT Viper GTS Launch Edition.

The iconic GTS Blue and dual white striped Vipers feature serialized dash plaques placed inside their cabins to increase collectibility, interiors will be covered in Black Laguna leather and contrast stitching, and they’ll have exclusive five-spoke polished forged-aluminum wheels evolved from prior launch models.

via OFFICIAL: SRT Unveils 2013 Viper GTS Launch Edition | Sx-Z.

Porsche Museum Secrets: Part 2 – YouTube

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In this second part of the Porsche ‘Museum Secrets’ mini series we take a look at some of the special editions contained in the collection including a prototype 928 and bullet proof 911 (type 996).

Go behind the scenes of this exclusive new storage facility and learn more about some of the hidden treasures contained within. Explore the future of our history.

via Porsche Museum Secrets: Part 2 – YouTube.

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