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Ugg boots are over – the fashion world rejoices

Posted in fashion with tags , , on November 25, 2012 by SpenceG

It may be an object of derision throughout the fashion industry, but the Ugg boot – a bit like the bootcut jean, or the square-toed office-boy shoes – has refused to die. Over the past 10 years, sales continued to rise, and their squat, solid, shearling-lined shapes became the footwear of young Britons nationwide.

Until now. The newest sales figures from Deckers, the Ugg parent group, are down 31%. While this has been put down to mild weather, and prices of the boots rising, it’s a minor victory for fashion. While not defeated – prices will be reduced in a bid to boost sales – its footwear nemesis is showing signs of weakness.

In truth, these signs have been there for a while. Uggs are undeniably comfortable – they’re more often worn as slippers in their native Australia – but the ubiquity of them, and their many imitations, has led to overkill. Bad press has been growing. In a survey in 2010, they were voted one of the 10 items men don’t like on women and a judge recently ruled they can be dangerous to wear while driving.

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